Office was founded in 2006 by Grigory Daynov.
The main endeavour was to create an atmosphere of collective thinking based on critical approach that would lead to more objective architectural solutions.

Grigory Daynov, born in 1970, Yaroslavl, Russia.

1996 graduated from Faculty of Architecture, Yaroslavl State Technical University, Russia.

1997-1999 teacher in Faculty of Architecture , Yaroslavl State Technical University; architect in 'CentrProject' architecture office, Yaroslavl, Russia.

1999 - 2000 research scholar of Junior Faculty Development Program at the University of Michigan, US: a grant from American Councils based on open competition.

2000 - 2006 senior architect in 'CentrProject' architecture office, Yaroslavl, Russia.

2006 - present a head of DK architects

Our Creed:
We can not change the world.
But we can improve a little piece of it.
We can define boundaries and harmonize the space within.
Every our project is such an effort.