house #2
team: Grigory Dainov,
Aleksandr Kachalov, Sergey Fomin
type: comission
year of project: 2008
year of construction: 2009-2013
status: in progress
size: 653 m2
program: living and dining space,
4 bedrooms, terrace & balconies,
swimming pool, parking for 2 cars
location: Yaroslavl region, Russia.

architecture: DK
project team: Grigory Daynov,
Aleksandr Kachalov, Sergey Fomin
engeneering: Promenergo, Yaroslavl
constructor: KomfortStroy, Yaroslavl
photo: Аnton Sevastуanov
House with a program for 653 m2 has been built on a site of 1000 square meters. Its shape and configuration of the plan is largely due to the context and characteristics of the plot. The main aims were to create a private courtyard and not to exceed the scale of the surrounding. The flat roof over the parking lot and the pool is used as an additional living space. local materials such as wood and brick are used for better matching the context.
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