Commertial & Office Building
2023\r\n6040 м2\r\nConcept\r\nStatus: unbuilt
The site for the design is located in the Kirovsky district of Yaroslavl and is limited by the street. Republican, st. Flotskaya and Oktyabryan Avenue in the territorial zone of the center of the city of Yaroslavl (Ts.1), partly on the borders of the territory of the object of cultural (archaeological) heritage of federal significance "Cultural layer of the city of Yaroslavl", XI-XVII centuries. (Yaroslavl, city center to Respublianskaya St.), on the borders of the buffer zone of the World Heritage Site in the development regulation subzone ZRZ.Yu.1, on the site ZRZ.Yu.1.1.\r\nOn the north side, the site borders the territory\r \nBuildings with a height of two to seven floors. In\r\n observations from the site for designing on the street. The naval event is an object of cultural heritage "Derbenev's profitable house", pre-revolutionary building in 1910. On the street. Republican residential house Evdokimova A.V., wooden classicism, 1917. From the south, on the opposite side of Oktyabrya Avenue,\r\nthere is an administrative building\"Investigative\r\nDirectorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Yaroslavl Region\" built in 1936\r\nbuilt . On the contrary, across the street. Republican, there is the Rozhkov House, built in 1914 in the neoclassical style. The building belongs to the object of cultural heritage of the territory. Its height is limited to 12 m due to its orientation close to architectural monuments. October and st. Republican and secured an important town-planning corner at their intersection.\r\n\r\nThe first floor is occupied by commercial premises, which are closed by the entrances to Oktyabrya Ave. and Respublikanskaya St.\r\nRespublikanskaya. The second and third floors are occupied by offices with an entrance group from the courtyard of the building. On the underground platform there is parking for 26 parking spaces for servicing the shopping and office center. The entrance to the parking lot is also organized from the side of the courtyard passage. The facades of the designed building have a two-part composition in a vertical arrangement, which makes it possible to best correlate the scale of the designed object with the scale of the environment. The step of the facade pylons is proportional to the location to the very height of the building and maintains the rhythm of the pilasters of the building of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The ceramic light ocher hue fits perfectly into the range of architectural surroundings and allows you to give the wall an enclosure that matches classic\r\narchitectural brick details. line of the upper floor and thus forms a closed shopping arcade with a colonnade along the shop windows.
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